The Accelerating Business Environment

The Accelerating Business Environment

Technology-enabled accelerators are disrupting markets, transforming business models, and shifting value exponentially


Technology-enabled trends and developments driving profound, often exponential, change in the Accelerating Business Environment

Core Technologies Exponentially evolving technologies underpinning AcceleratingBiz trends

Health and Life Sciences Advancing biotechnology, bioinformatics, wellness and healthcare delivery

Earth and Beyond Increasing focus on climate change, environment, clean energy and space

Market Disruptions

Macro customers, competitors and broader business environment disruptions driven by accelerators

Customer Needs and Behaviors Discriminating, unfaithful customers with undiscovered needs, armed with greater information and choices

Existing and Emerging Competitors Unexpected and intensifying competition from legacy companies, startups and substitutes

Human Talent Increasing reliance on scarce smart, creative talent as well as non-payroll freelancers as traditional routine jobs disappear

Capital Markets Proliferating sources of traditional and emerging private and public capital, sourced on increasingly global basis

Suppliers and Partners Broad mix of highly-capable global and local suppliers reduce assets required, increase flexibility and improve efficiencies

Legal and Regulatory Policies Lagging laws and regulations as government policies fail to keep up with rapid change

Business Models and Practices

Company leadership, value propositions, delivery models and economics

Strategy, Leadership, Boards and Governance Massive visions, dynamic strategies, effective leadership, valued boards and governance

Customers, Relationships and Channels New customers, deeper relationships, and evolved distribution channels

Value Propositions and Offerings Value propositions, lean innovation, optimized product portfolios

Activities, Assets and Partnerships Streamlined processes, leveraged assets, optimized supply chain, and strategic partnerships

Organizations and People Smart people, decentralized organizations, collaborative platforms and real-time dashboards

Economic Models Accelerated revenues, minimized costs, optimized capital requirements