Emerging Market Opportunities

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Emerging markets remain important, even with mixed growth predictions for China and other markets over next several years


  • Economic growth and emergence of new markets in developing countries, including rising global middle class


  • Slower growth in China, as transition to consumer-driven sustainable economic model results in lower factory output, real estate slump, potential for loan defaults, and lowest GDP targets in 30 years
  • Accelerated India growth due to increased confidence, lower energy prices, Western-friendly government reforms and growing Indian-based technology companies
  • Continued struggling of countries GDP-dependent on oil, including Nigeria, Russia and Venezuela


  • Sustaining developing market growth rates higher than most developing countries, despite occasional slowdowns
  • Driving economic expansion in markets like India to offset China's slowing growth
  • Steering development of new business and innovation centers in developing countries

Do your strategies and investments appropriately reflect opportunities and challenges brought about by emerging markets?