Fitness, Wellness and Healthcare Delivery

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Fitness monitoring devices and apps empowering individuals and health care providers to transform fitness, wellness and healthcare services


  • Applications, devices and services contributing to delivery and management of fitness, wellness and healthcare


  • Expanded capabilities of health and fitness monitoring devices and apps, including integration with wearables like Apple Watch
  • Introduction of next-generation monitoring systems for glucose levels, blood oxygen, skin temperature, ultraviolet radio exposure, emotion and fatigue levels
  • Emergence of ecosystems connected to Apple, Google and other operating systems
  • Heightened innovation in health services delivery, such as telemedicine and AI-based diagnosis
  • Lesser in-person healthcare interaction due to widespread adoption of digital healthcare platforms


  • Empowering individuals to monitor and improve personal fitness and health
  • Enabling customized medical advice and policy coverage provided by healthcare and insurance companies
  • Improving healthcare delivery accuracy and turnaround times
  • Contributing to closer physician-patient relationships enabled through sharing of health-related data
  • Providing opportunities for companies to promote employee wellness and lower healthcare coverage costs

How can you improve the fitness, wellness of your employees, and potentially customers, to increase productivity, lower costs, and deliver higher value?