Globalization and International Trade

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Globalization continues to open emerging markets, enable access to human talent and other resources, and empower new competitors


  • Exchange of capital, goods, services and people across political borders, including global trade and migration, enabled by transportation and information technologies


  • Increased flow of goods and services enabled by global trade agreements, communications networks, and logistics systems
  • Greater pressure for physical immigration due to political conflicts, terrorism and income disparities
  • Heightened uncertainties about future global trade agreements and migration due to popularism in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere


  • Enabling companies to serve existing and emerging markets worldwide easier than ever before
  • Allowing new competitors to emerge from anywhere
  • Providing access to, as well as competition from, human talent on global basis
  • Creating complexity for how businesses manage global opportunities and risk

To what extent are you taking advantage of globalization to serve customers, source talent, and address competitors in markets worldwide?