Top Global Risks of Highest Concern for Doing Business

Top Global Risks of Highest Concern for Doing Business
Top Global Risks of Highest Concern for Doing Business

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Unemployment (35.9%), fiscal crises (28.8%), and government failure (28.4%) selected by executives as top global risks that could deter business through 2027

Top Global Risks of Highest Concern for Doing Business

2017 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on World Economic Forum’s 2017 Executive Opinion Survey (EOS) of 14,375 business executives from over 148 economies. Respondents were asked to select five global risks they were most concerned about for doing business in their country within next 10 years

Proof Point Findings

  • Global Risks – Events or conditions that can impact several countries or industries negatively for years
  • Unemployment or Underemployment – Lack of jobs or insufficient employment caused by technological innovation, among others, seen as top risk for 36% of business executives surveyed by World Economic Forum
  • Governance and Economic Failure – Fiscal crises (29%), failure of national governance (28%), energy price shock (26%), failure of financial mechanism or institution (21%), and critical infrastructure failure (19%) also seen as risks that most concern business executives
  • Growing Conflict – Profound social instability (23%), which include major protests, interstate conflict (17%), and terrorist attacks (17%) could destabilize economy, affecting businesses through 2027
  • Cyber Warfare – 18% of respondents also saw cyberattacks as having impact to businesses, causing economic damages, geopolitical tensions, and widespread distrust in Internet
  • Key Drivers – Include exponential advances in technologies, proliferation of artificial intelligence programs taking over human jobs, development of trade protectionist policies, growth of national debt among countries, inefficient and ineffective governments, increasing number and sophistication of global cyberattacks, and fluctuation of energy prices


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