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At least three in five companies globally in PwC study are using advanced authentication technologies in 2018, led by biometrics and software tokens

Companies Using Advanced Authentication Technologies Globally
2018 (percentage)

Note: Data from PwC’s 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey of 9,500 respondents from more than 122 territories worldwide
Proof Point Findings:
  • Biometric Adoption – 60% of companies surveyed by PwC already use fingerprints, retina scans and facial recognition for authentication in 2018
  • Token Usage – Companies also use tokens to gain access to network service, through software (59%), hardware (55%) or smartphone device (48%) in 2018
  • Crypto Keys – 53% of respondents also leverage cryptographic keys for authentication in 2018
  • Technology Benefits – PwC expects advanced authentication technologies to increasingly restore or grow customer and business partner confidence in companies’ security capabilities in future
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include proliferation of authentication solutions using advanced technologies, increasing number and sophistication of global cyberattacks, rising organizational concern for privacy and security, and heightening regulatory requirements for increased security
Accelerator: Cybersecurity
Sector: Cross-sector
Function: IT Infrastructure

Date Last Updated: April 1, 2019

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