Global CEOs’ Views on Globalization

Global CEOs’ Views on Globalization

Proof Point

Geopolitical uncertainty and rise of protectionism key globalization concerns of CEOs surveyed by KPMG

Global CEOs’ Views on Globalization

2017 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data from KPMG’s 2017 Global CEO Survey of 1,267 chief executives from 10 countries, including Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, U.K. and U.S., and 11 key industries

Proof Point Findings

  • Globalization – Free trade of goods, services, capital, people, technology, and information between countries and regions
  • Geopolitical Uncertainty – 52% of CEOs surveyed believe that geopolitical uncertainty, such as U.K.’s exit from European Union, have greater impact to organizations in 2017 than in previous years, with risk expected to rise up among list of top business concerns by 2018
  • Rise of Protectionism – Four in ten respondents reassessing their companies' global footprint as result of changing pace of globalization and protectionism, with 31% forecasting rise in protectionist policies in their own countries through 2020
  • Key Drivers – Include British exit from European Union, resulting in possible change in structure and conduct of business in Europe, intensifying global competition aided by technological advancements, and rise of protectionist policies from U.S. and around world


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January 23, 2018

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