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Six in ten respondents of Upwork survey expect to see increased competition in global market and more specialized work and skills by 2027

U.S. Companies Agreeing To Workforce Changes in Next Ten Years
2017 (days)

Note: Data from Upwork and Inavero’s 2018 Future Workforce Report Survey of 1,005 workforce hiring decision-makers in U.S., administered between November 8 and 15, 2017
Proof Point Findings:
  • Market Globalization – 65% of respondents in Upwork survey expect companies to increasingly compete in more global markets by 2027
  • Skilled, Agile Teams – More than half of respondents believe that office work and skills will become more specialized (61%) and that dynamic team and structures will become norm (51%)
  • Intelligent, Fully-Capable Systems – Almost half also believe that smart machines will emerge and soon collaborate with humans, changing the nature of work
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include rapidly-accelerating digital technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and AR/VR), growing demand for business process automation to increase productivity and efficiency, and intensifying competitive environment
Market Disruption: Up-to-Date, Specialized Skills
Sector: Cross-sector

Date Last Updated: November 2, 2018

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