Ohio-based 80 Acres Farms grows organic, pesticide-free produce using indoor farming, automation and controlled environment methods

February 11, 2020

  • Indoor Farming – 80 Acres Farms in Ohio uses vertical or indoor farming methods to produce tomatoes, leafy vegetables and other agriculture products in its 10,000 square foot warehouse
  • Controlled Environment – Automated LED lighting system controls the right environmental variables that will enable high quality crops to be grown
  • Lifting Robots – Two robots called Sam and Barney load and unload pallets to shipping containers that can hold 4,000 plants each, with four containers filling capacity of 40,000 plants
  • Automated Monitoring – Cameras in containers monitor plants while in-transit, with company looking to develop machine learning to identify pests, color deficiencies, variations in plant sizes and more to further automate quality checks and solve issues immediately
  • Fresh Distribution – Builds farms near stores, including one in Alabama and North Carolina, two in Arkansas and two in Ohio, to ensure freshness of supply
  • Business Model – Plans to sell technology and provide training and support to other farmers in future

Image Source: 80 Acres Farms

Image Source: 80 Acres Farms

Business Model and Practices: New Revenue Models
Sectors: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Information Technology
Function: Research and Development
Organization: 80 Acres Farms

Original Publication Date: February 9, 2020

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