Companies that Give Employees High Degree of Autonomy in Workplace

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Less than half of global companies in PwC survey give employees high degree of autonomy in workplace in 2019, led by Asian and American regions

Companies that Give Employees High Degree of Autonomy in Workplace

2019 (percentage)

Note: Data from PwC’s Secure Your Future People Survey of 1,246 executives in more than 10 industries across 79 countries

Proof Point Findings

  • Global Average – 45% of global companies surveyed by PwC have employees with high degree of autonomy over their work (i.e. work locations and hours, teams and projects) in 2019, led by organizations from Asia (48%), North America (47%), and Central and South America (46%)
  • Lagging Regions – Companies from Middle East (36%) and Africa (35%) fall behind global average in giving employees high control over their job in 2019
  • Autonomy Advantages – Study suggests that employees who are in control of work decisions tend to have higher job performance, job satisfaction and commitment to company
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include rapidly evolving business environment, increasing demand for skilled employees, and rising employee demand for intangible benefits (i.e. time and location flexibility, independence, control)

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