Content Creation, Sharing and Consumption

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Content creation, sharing and consumption continue to digitize and democratize, empowering users and transforming traditional media


  • Shifts in creation, sharing and consumption of content, from traditional media (e.g., broadcast, print) to rich user-generated content distributed through digital and increasingly-mobile channels


  • Empowered active users not only consuming but contributing to vast and continuous flows of content
  • Transformed social media channels becoming channels for news and information, as well as business collaboration and teamwork
  • Shifted consumer media consumption from broadcast to streaming audio and video
  • Increased richness as high-definition video, virtual reality and other high-bandwidth content becomes commonplace


  • Evolving distinctions between who consumes versus develops content
  • Disrupting traditional content providers, forcing evolved business models with focus on content management versus production
  • Allowing analysis of user-generated content and data to better understand and target customers
  • Challenging advertisers seeking to reach customers no longer paying attention to traditional broadcast media

How will evolving content creation, sharing and consumption impact your ability to reach and engage with customers, as well as create compelling content that supports your business?