U.K. Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government opened new funding round for projects transforming public services with digital technology

August 20, 2019

  • New Funding Round – U.K. Local Government Minister Luke Hall announced new funding round for Council projects aiming to improve public services with digital technology, as well as digital skills training for government staff
  • £350,000 Grants – Will offer grants up to £350,000 (over $424,000), from £7.5 million ($9.1 million) Local Digital Fund, launched in September 2018
  • Local Digital Declaration – Digital fund grants part of pledges made under government’s Local Digital Declaration, which aims to coordinate Councils seeking technological solutions
  • 2018 Projects – Sixteen projects awarded up to £100,000 (over $121,000) in grants from 57 local Councils in 2018
  • Approved Researches – Included use of virtual assistants to assist people in need of care (Birmingham City Council), online tools to report social home repairs (London Borough of Southwark), and analytics and artificial intelligence to help write education and health plans for children with special needs (Ealing Council)
  • Schedule – Applications open from August 19, 2019 to September 16, 2019 for councils in England only (Councils from other parts of U.K. alllowed to be partners)
Sectors: Education, Government (excluding military), Information Technology
Functions: Customer Experience and Service, IT Infrastructure, Research and Development
Organization: U.K. Ministry of Housing,Communities and Local Government

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