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Global daily average mobile Internet consumption forecasted by Zenith to reach 180 minutes by 2020, to be led by users in Middle East and North Africa with 377 minutes

Global Daily Average Mobile Internet Consumption by Region
2020F (minutes)

Proof Point Findings:
  • 2020 Internet Consumption – Global mobile Internet average daily consumption expected to reach 180 minutes in 2020, surpassing other media types (e.g. TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, cinema), according to Zenith
  • Most Connected Regions – Middle East and Africa forecasted to lead mobile internet usage, with daily average of 377 minutes in 2020, followed by North America (259 minutes) and Central and Eastern Europe (196 minutes)
  • Middle Eastern Mobile Use – Driven largely by young, tech-savvy users who are characterized with heavy use of using online messaging apps and high engagement on online video streaming platforms and other visual social networks
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increasing reliance on mobile phones and other smart devices to perform tasks, proliferation of social networks, improving network connectivity, and growing user preference for online channels to consume and share content
Sector: Media and Entertainment

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