Worldwide Mobile Subscriptions

Worldwide Mobile Subscriptions
Worldwide Mobile Subscriptions

Proof Point

Asia Pacific, including China and India, has more than half of 7.9 billion total mobile subscriptions worldwide, as reported by Ericsson

Worldwide Mobile Subscriptions

2018 Q3 (million subscribers)

Proof Point Findings

  • Mobile Subscription – Number of active mobile devices, including inactive subscriptions or multiple devices owned
  • Global Subscriptions – Total mobile subscription worldwide reached 7.9 billion as of 2018 Q3
  • Asian Lead – Asia Pacific region reported by Ericsson to have more than half of mobile subscriptions globally with 4.3 billion, including top countries China (1.5 billion) and India (1.2 billion)
  • Key Growth Drivers – Includes growing dependence on mobile devices and applications, decreasing mobile device prices and subscription fees, and increasing number of devices per subscriber



Date Last Updated

January 18, 2019

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