Car manufacturer Lexus worked with ad agency The&Partnership London, technology partner Visual Voice as well as IBM’s Watson unit to release new advertisement with script written by AI

December 4, 2018

  • AI-Scripted Advertisement – Car maker Lexus, ad agency The&Partnership London, and technology company Visual Voice launched new advertisement on November 19, 2018 for Lexus ES, electric vehicle hybrid, with script written by artificial intelligence IBM Watson
  • AI Training– AI was fed with 15 years of visual, text, and audio data from Cannes Lions award-winning car and luxury brand campaigns, plus emotional intelligence data from online-video marketplace Unruly and applied science lab MindX to understand which parts of ads evoke emotional responses from audiences
  • Award-Winning Director – AI’s script directed by Oscar award-winning director Kevin Macdonald, who won Best Documentary in 2000
  • Media Placement – Ad will play on digital, social, and cinema channels across Europe, with Lexus planning to release behind-the-scenes short film on making of ad

Image Source: Multipublicacoes Youtube Channel

Lexus ES ad

Image Source: Multipublicacoes Youtube Channel

Market Disruption: Innovation Partnerships
Business Model and Practices: Innovative Partnerships
Sectors: Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, Transportation and Logistics
Organizations: The&Partnership London, Visual Voice, Unruly, MindX, Toyota Motor Corp.

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