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Around two thirds of U.S. adults have heard about social media bots in 2018, with an overwhelming majority concerned that they are used maliciously, according to Pew Research Center

U.S. Adults Who Have Heard About Social Media Bots And Their Perceived Purpose
Jul to Aug 2018 (percentage)

Note: Data from Pew Research Center’s survey of 4,581 U.S. adults on July 30 to August 12, 2018
Proof Point Findings:
  • Social Media Bots – Accounts operating remotely, without human involvement, to post and interact on social media sites
  • Bot Information – 66% of respondents in Pew Research Study have heard about social media bots, with 16% hearing about them lot in 2018
  • Rising Concern – Among respondents who have heard about social media bots, 80% are concerned that they are being used for bad purposes
  • Unaware Adults – 34% of American adults have not heard anything about technology in 2018
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increasing penetration rate of social media platforms, proliferation and increasing adoption of artificial intelligence-enabled assistants and bots, and rising demand for automated processes

Date Last Updated: January 7, 2019

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