Effective Boards and Governance

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Successful boards and governance systems help companies continuously innovate, rather than focus only on monitoring and performance

Innovative Practices

  • Adopt board-level innovation governance to steer and sustain innovation, including monitoring and addressing company's innovation initiatives and challenges (Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Innovation Management.se)
  • Become knowledgeable of relevant disruptive practices from competitors or other industries, determining how board can help company deliver customer and shareholder value
  • Leverage technology-enabled tools to track and collaborate around company initiatives, goals and achievements continuously
  • Involve board in key business processes, such as technology investments, culture, talent development and branding (McKinsey, 2016)
  • Spend more time on agenda items helping to drive company initiative, rather than only performance-monitoring functions

Books and Other Recommended Sources

Are you taking advantage of your board as an innovation catalyst to help your company grow faster and create more value?