Board Effectiveness in Selected Functions

Board Effectiveness in Selected Functions

Proof Point

Spencer Stuart survey found board directors rated themselves higher in process and knowledge functions, but with less confidence on people management

Board Effectiveness in Selected Functions

2016 (average rating based on 1 (poor) - 5 (excellent) scale)

Note: Data based on Spencer Stuart’s 2016 Global Board of Directors Survey covering 4,000 board members in 60 countries.Average rating is based on a 1 - 5 scale (1 = Poor; 2 = Below Average; 3 = Average; 4 = Above Average; 5 = Excellent)

Proof Point Findings

  • Excellent Process and Knowledge – Board directors rated themselves higher in process and knowledge-related activities, such as compliance (3.9), staying current on company and industry (3.9 and 3.8), financial and strategic planning (3.8 and 3.6), and monitoring strategic decisions (3.7)
  • Less Focus on Technology and Innovation – Board effectiveness in ability to keep up with new technologies (3.4) and innovation (3.3) rated average as well
  • Lower People Management Ratings – HR/Talent management performance rated lowest, underlining need to boost HR competencies in boards and challenge of attracting and retaining talent
  • Key Drivers – Include increasingly competitive environment, growing company demand for talent with relevant, up-to-date skills, successful succession planning, introduction of real-time dashboards and analytics, exponentially-advancing digital technologies, and well-established and documented board processes

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