Top Barriers Organizations Face in Adopting AI

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Lack of clear strategy and skilled talent identified by McKinsey as top barriers of organizations in adopting AI in 2018

Top Barriers Organizations Face in Adopting AI

2018 (percentage)

Note: Data from McKinsey&Company survey of 1646 global companies; “don’t know/not applicable” and “other” responses are not shown

Proof Point Findings

  • Strategy and Talent – Lack of clear strategy (43%) and talent with appropriate skill sets (42%) identified by companies surveyed by McKinsey in 2018 as most significant barrier in adopting AI
  • Organizational Barriers – Functional silos contraining end-to-end solutions (30%) and lack of leaders’ ownership and commitment (27%) also ranked high in list of AI adoption barriers
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include accelerating sophistication of AI-based applications, increasing business adoption of AI technologies to improve processes, and growing demand to leverage customer and business data to become more competitive


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