Consumer Interest in AR/VR Applications

Consumer Interest in AR/VR Applications

Proof Point

Virtual travel, learning, and shopping identified as top AR/VR applications that interest online consumers in Accenture survey

Consumer Interest in AR/VR Applications

2018 (percentage of global respondents)

Note: Data based on Accenture’s 2018 Digital Consumer Survey of 21,000 online consumers from 19 countries

Proof Point Findings

  • Augmented Reality (AR) – Computer technology that integrates virtual information into user’s environment in real-time
  • Virtual Reality (VR) – Composed of devices, software, and content enabling computer-generated simulations of reality
  • Tourism – 67% of online consumers in Accenture global survey interested to use AR/VR to learn more about places they are visiting
  • Education and Work – Two in three respondents also interested in learning new skills and techniques, with 58% wanting to view 3D manuals
  • Shopping – Six in ten interested in trying on clothes in AR/VR, while 54% want to shop for household items and furniture
  • Key Drivers – Driven initially by new hardware devices introduced to consumers, increasingly shifting toward software as capabilities advance, penetration increases, costs decline, and new applications are developed


Market Disruption


Accommodation and Travel, Consumer Durables, Education, Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, Wholesale and Retail Trade


Date Last Updated

March 22, 2018

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