Dubai's algorithm-designed Museum of the Future will feature augmented reality experiences and green solutions when it opens in 2020

October 30, 2019

  • Museum of the Future – Construction of Dubai’s Museum of the Future, a 78-meter high building shaped like an elliptical torus, is underway and will open in 2020
  • AI-Based Design – Applied parametric design using algorithmic thinking to manipulate variables and parameters, computer-based Building Information Modeling (Bim) to fine-tune shape of building and design steel framework, and growth algorithms to optimize steel arrangements in diagrid
  • Construction Advantages – Resulted in cost and time savings for contractors and fabricators, as well as enhanced safety
  • Green Building – Aims to obtain LEED Platinum green building certification, featuring advanced building control solutions, greywater recycling systems, regenerative drive lifts, off-site solar power arrays and electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • AR/VR Experiences – Will project and showcase gallery of objects in immersive theater experience using augmented and virtual reality
  • Other Exhibitions – Include sustainability, such as climate change and global warming, outer space including solar energy collection and asteroid mining, healthcare and wellness, and spirituality

Image Source: The Museum of the Future Website

Image Source: The Museum of the Future Website

Sector: Real Estate and Construction
Organization: Dubai Future Foundation

Original Publication Date: October 29, 2019

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