Macy's launching new technology-enabled initiatives in 2018 under test, iterate and scale innovation model to enhance customer shopping experience

March 23, 2018

  • Macy’s Technology Initiatives – Macy's launching new and expanded initiatives in 2018 that leverage mobile application, augmented reality, and virtual reality technologies to enhance customer shopping experience, as part of company’s test, iterate and scale innovation model
  • Mobile Checkout – Enables customers to scan physical items in-store, apply eligible discounts on them and pay using Macy’s mobile app, while connected to company’s WiFi network, with purchases to be verified by personnel at Mobile Checkout counters
  • Virtual Reality Showrooming – Expands virtual showrooming capability leveraging Marxent’s 3D Cloud and VR solutions to 60 locations nationwide by fall 2018, which allows customers to design virtual environments where they can simulate how selected pieces of furniture will look like in their respective actual rooms
  • Augmented Reality Webrooming – Lets customers superimpose furniture over actual rooms using Macy’s mobile app beginning April 2018, which will allow them to make better purchase decisions
Sector: Wholesale and Retail Trade
Organization: Marxent

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