Top AI Data-Related Priority of U.S. Companies in 2019

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Companies in PwC survey identified systems integration, meeting regulatory standards and gathering data as top AI data-related priorities in 2019

Top AI Data-Related Priority of U.S. Companies in 2019

2018 (percentage)

Note: Data based on PwC 2019 AI Predictions survey of 1,001 AI-savvy executives in United States last December 2018

Proof Point Findings

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Software technologies autonomously performing tasks equal to or better than humans
  • System Integration – 58% of companies surveyed by PwC said integrating AI and analytics system is their top AI data-related priority in 2019
  • Other Top Priorities – Almost half of surveyed also said ensuring data in AI systems meets regulatory requirements (49%) and identifying data from across organization (47%) as top priority
  • Data Labels – Only 29% of companies set standardizing, integrating and labeling data as their AI strategy, though it is very important in creating successful datasets that can detect significant patterns to make predictions
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include accelerating sophistication of AI-based applications, increasing business adoption of AI technologies to improve processes and growing demand to leverage customer and business data to become more competitive


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