Most Common Uses for AI or Machine Learning

Most Common Uses for AI or Machine Learning

Proof Point

Customer service, warehouse automation, and demand forecasting top three common uses for artificial intelligence (AI) among companies surveyed by KPMG in 2017

Most Common Uses for AI or Machine Learning

2017 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on KPMG’s 2017 Top of Mind Survey of 526 executives from 31 countries, working in food, drink, or consumer goods manufacturing and/or retail sectors

Proof Point Findings

  • Enhanced Customer Service – Four in ten (41%) companies surveyed use AI to improve customer service with chatbots
  • Warehouse Optimization and Automation – 38% adopted AI to optimize and automate warehouses (i.e. using machine learning to anticipate shipping, alert stock levels in real-time, find more flexible sources, and monitor transactions), with 36% also using AI to forecast demand for products and services
  • Smarter Product Design Process – 35% of executives say they incorporated AI in developing new products
  • Smart Shopping Carts – 35% also use AI for smart shopping carts, which help customers by autonomously driving to right aisle and shelf to retrieve items
  • Key Drivers – Include exponentially advancing computing power, proliferation of AI applications, growing need for solutions that can improve work efficiency, emergence of AI-focused startups, and increased adoption of AI solutions in manufacturing and retail industries


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