Adblock Penetration by Region

Adblock Penetration by Region

Proof Point

Overall adblock penetration worldwide reached 11% by December 2016, with West Europe leading across all regions

Adblock Penetration by Region

2016 (percentage of online population)

Note: Mobile adblocking used in chart refers to web / browser-based adblocking, and not in-app blocking

Proof Point Findings

  • Adblock Penetration – Percentage of online population using adblock software to remove or alter ads from website or mobile app
  • Global Adblock Penetration – Reached 11% in 2016, with West Europe leading across all regions with 20% penetration, followed by North America (18%) and Asia Pacific (16%)
  • Adblocking Devices – Desktop version of software used predominantly in West Europe and North America, with mobile version most used in Asia Pacific
  • Key Growth Drivers – Includes proliferation of desktop and mobile adblock software, growing demand for adblock-enabled devices, emergence of increasingly intrusive online advertising formats (e.g. pre-loaded videos and pop-up ads), shorter consumer attention span, growing preference for digital devices to consume content



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June 16, 2017

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