Retail giant Walmart and technology company Microsoft opening cloud factory in Austin, Texas in 2019, part of broader collaboration to transform retail with digital technologies

November 13, 2018

  • – Retail giant Walmart and technology firm Microsoft will open joint ‘cloud factory’ office,, in Austin, Texas in 2019
  • Cloud Computing Focus – 30 engineers from Walmart and Microsoft to work together on new cloud applications as well as migrate thousands of Walmart’s existing internal business applications to Microsoft’s cloud computing service Azure
  • Five-Year Partnership – Joint office is part of Walmart and Microsoft’s five-year strategic partnership announced in July 2018, which aims to transform Walmart’s retail operations with digital technologies to create better shopping experiences for customers and empower employees
  • Existing Initiatives – Include deploying thousands of sensors on refrigeration and freezer systems at Walmart stores which helps retail giant to save energy and prevent product loss, internal chatbots that enable employees to find mentors and manage supplier agreements, and natural language processing platform that can process 40 terabytes of unstructured text, providing real-time insights to support business operations

Image Source: Microsoft News

Image Source: Microsoft News

Market Disruption: Innovation Partnerships
Sectors: Information Technology, Wholesale and Retail Trade
Organizations: Microsoft Corp., Walmart Stores Inc.

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