Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry Map and Selected Companies

Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry Map and Selected Companies

Proof Point

VR/AR industry is composed of hardware and peripheral manufacturers, platform providers, content marketplaces, and industry-specific application providers

Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry Map and Selected Companies

Proof Point Findings

  • Sensors – Sensor technologies for augmented and virtual reality hardware and peripherals, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, motion tracking, and 3D sensors
    • Actronika, InvenSense, Bosch, Yost Labs, InterSense, STMicro
  • Processors – Computing chips optimized for AR/VR applications and content development
    • Qualcomm, AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung, Movidius
  • Controllers – Input devices for virtual reality that track hand and body motion, used to control objects in the virtual environment
    • Leap Motion, Nod Labs, Oculus, Valve, Sixense
  • Cameras – Devices that create, render, and stream 3D and 360-degree environments
    • Matterport, Jaunt, VideoStitch, Panorics, Nokia, Samsung, GoPro, Insta360
  • Displays – Head-mounted, heads-up, and holographic display devices that run AR/VR applications and content
    • Oculus, Magic Leap, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony
  • PCs and Mobile Devices – Computing devices that support VR/AR-exclusive devices or with stand-alone AR/VR functionalities
    • Apple, Dell, Asus, Origin PC, MSI, Samsung, Acer, Gentech PC, Razer
  • Platforms – Software or operating systems that enable AR/VR applications and content development
    • Apple, Google, Oculus, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Vuforia, Wikitude
  • Content Marketplaces – Platforms for viewing and sharing 3D and 360-degree videos in virtual reality
    • Facebook, Youtube, Jaunt, Within, Littlstar, SVRF, Sketchfab,
  • Entertainment – Experiences, and content for games, cinemas, amusement parks, and live events
    • Magnopus, VRstudios, Turbo Button, Hypercell, Technicolor, Landmark Entertainment Group
  • Media and Advertising – Platforms to deliver media content and advertising in virtual and augmented reality environment and creates high tech advertising for brands
    • RYOT, Vertebrae, Immersv, OmniVirt, VirtualSKY, Framestore
  • Education – Applications used to deliver objects, animals, and environments for education and e-learning
    • Boulevard, Discovr, skills2learn, ForgeFX, Immersive VR Education, zSpace
  • Healthcare – Programs that provide therapies to patients, as well as train medical students for doctoral practice
    • Psious, Mindmaze, Vivid Vision, Conquer Mobile
  • Retail – Software and technologies that enable customers to visualize, customize, and sample products, such as clothing, furniture, and toys
    • Sixense, Holition, Marxent, Inition, Metail
  • Real Estate and Tourism – Applications to re-create actual tourist spots for travel services and properties for real estate
    • Matterport, Archimaze, VRMADA, WorkPics



Accommodation and Travel, Education, Healthcare/Health Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate and Construction, Wholesale and Retail Trade


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November 21, 2017

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