US Average Daily Media Consumption by Device

US Average Daily Media Consumption by Device, 2012-2018F

Proof Point

50% of U.S. media consumption forecasted to be through mobile devices by 2018

U.S. Average Daily Media Consumption by Device

2012 – 2018F (minutes)

Note: Figures include multitasking or usage of multiple devices at a given point in time

Proof Point Findings

  • Media Consumption Definition — Time spent by US consumers, aged 18 and above, consuming media, including multitasking
  • Slower Media Usage Growth — Total US media consumption forecasted to grow slower at 0.7% annually, reaching 727 minutes daily in 2018 from 698 minutes in 2012
  • Increasing Digital Devices Use — Continued shift towards digital devices, reaching almost 50% by 2018, while traditional media expected to decrease from more than 65% in 2012 to 50% in 2018
  • Key Drivers of Growth — Increased consumer multitasking, mobile devices proliferation across broader consumer segments, and digital services expansion, such as on-demand streaming and social networks





Date Last Updated

March 8, 2017

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