Selected Non-Manufacturing Applications of 3D printing

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3D printing increasingly used to advance innovation in other industries beyond manufacturing

Selected Non-Manufacturing Applications of 3D printing

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Life and Medical Sciences

  • Organs – Artificial organs and organs-on-chip emulating functions, mechanics and responses, used for transplants and drug testing
  • Drugs – Synthesized layers of medication, allowing drug control and customization
  • Prosthetics and Medical Implants – Artificial body parts and miniaturized sensors, used for medical operations and data gathering
  • Life Science Research – Production of cellular and molecular structures, enabling life science advances


  • Residential – Concrete modular housing, with windows and roofs assembled on-site
  • Public Infrastructure – Assets for public consumption, such as bridges, pavilions and park facilities
  • Offices and Buildings – Concrete low-rise facilities, such as hotels and small offices, with modular components

Material Sciences

  • Existing Material Reinforcement – Enhances existing materials’ properties, such as strength, durability and weight
  • New Materials Discovery – Enables creation of new materials, furthering innovation in other industries

Food and Beverage

  • Kitchen Appliance – 3D printer variants for kitchen use, made available commercially
  • Commercial Production – Food products custom 3D printed by restaurants, bakeries or manufacturing companies





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March 27, 2017

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