Aluminum alloy powder from Equispheres verified by third-party certification facility to have greater density, leading to faster production and better material performance potentially for aerospace and defense applications

October 25, 2019

  • Third-Party Test – Equispheres announced third-party certification facility specializing in aerospace, space and defense materials tested its own aluminum alloy powders
  • More Packing Density – Unique powder properties like high sphericity, narrow particle size distribution and low surface area allowed for greater packing density resulting in double thickness
  • Faster Production and Performance – More powder density increased production speeds by 50% and mechanical performance of produced parts by 20-30%
  • Previous Study – Study by McGill University found company’s aluminum alloy powder suitable for binder jet printers, which are 100 times faster than laser-based printers
  • Applications – Include lighter and stronger materials for aerospace, space, defense and automotive manufacturing

Image Source: Equispheres Press Release

Image Source: Equispheres Press Release

Sectors: Industrial Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics
Functions: Operations, Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development
Organizations: Equispheres, McGill University

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