Industrial robotics company ABB introduced 3D printing software that enables its robots to be programmed for additive manufacturing in 30 minutes

December 17, 2019

  • 3D Printing Software – ABB announced on December 16, 2019 that it introduced 3D printing capabilities to RobotStudio PowerPac software portfolio for ABB robots
  • What It Does – Translates standard slicer software design into robot code that supports ABB’s simulation environment
  • Easy Setup – New software can setup ABB robot for additive manufacturing in 30 minutes without manual programming for faster streamlined 3D printing process
  • Problem – Traditional 3D printing machines need manual programming that requires plotting millions of points and trajectories
  • Applications – Suitable for low volume, high mix printing to enable fast prototype production and other processes like welding and printing with granules or concrete

Image Source: ABB

Image Source: ABB

Accelerator: 3D Printing
Sectors: Industrial Manufacturing, Information Technology
Functions: IT Infrastructure, Operations, Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development
Organization: ABB Ltd.

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