Compelling, Massive Purpose

Proof Point

Develop compelling purposes, or visions, to guide strategy and direction over time, attract best talent, and excite customers

Compelling, Massive Purpose

Proof Point Findings

  • Massive Transformative Purpose – Highly aspirational vision of an organization, that can cause radical transformation of an industry, community or the world (Salim Ismail, Exponential Organizations)
  • Why – Organization’s purpose, cause or belief expressed in a statement, providing clarity, meaning and direction, as well as capturing contribution and impact to the world (Simon Sinek, Start With Why)
  • Main Problem – Organization’s deeper why and problem worth solving, without necessarily having to know the answers right away (Ash Maurya, Running Lean)
  • What It Is – Concise and compelling, massive and transformative, aspirational, unique and inspirational
  • What It is Not – Ordinary mission and vision statement, goal without purpose, immediately solvable, narrowly-focused, motivated by financial success, or product or service statement
  • Key Benefits – Helpful in creating cultural consciousness for organization and external community, inspiring team members, attracting and retaining best people, aligning organization, as well as exciting customers and allowing them to take part in achieving something great

Business Model and Practices

Business Model
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March 26, 2017

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