Flexible, Non-Fragile, Sustainable Business Models

Proof Point

Create flexible, non-fragile, sustainable, business models that can adapt to disruptions, treating challenges as opportunities to evolve current business model

Flexible, Non-Fragile, Sustainable Business Models

Proof Point Findings

  • Flexible – Embraces and adapts to disruptions and unpredictability
  • Develop flexible, dynamic business plans and milestones rather than fixed, static ones
  • Be willing to pivot when initial plan did not work; redefine products, customer segments and channels
  • Continuously assess and adjust business model to quickly adapt to changing business environment
  • Non-Fragile – Able to withstand internal and external shocks by facing them and learning to build extra capacity
  • Prepare to face periods of uncertainty and volatility; manage risks effectively
  • Diversify team composition to take advantage of differences in culture, background, work experiences, and expertise in dealing with issues and challenges
  • Learn from experiences of smaller units to strengthen organization as a whole
  • Sustainable – Grows by optimizing gains from using combination of available internal and external assets
  • Leverage third-party resources to minimize expenses, only utilizing them as necessary
  • Use customer insights in developing new product ideas and improving internal processes
  • Create value by collaborating with external partners

Business Model and Practices

Business Model
and Practices




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March 30, 2017

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