Smart, Creative and Ambitious Team Members

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Find, develop, engage, and retain smart, creative and ambitious team members

Smart, Creative and Ambitious Team Members

Proof Point Findings


  • Aligned – Identify with company goals, aiming to make positive organizational and societal impact
  • Innovated – Drive innovation, exploring unchartered areas and dealing with complex issues
  • Adaptable – Offer flexibility and ability to adapt to various situations
  • Relevant – Learn consistently in order to stay relevant and maximize value to organization
  • Culture-Building – Contribute toward culture of transparency, teamwork, and accountability

Team Characteristics:

  • Ambitious – Dreams big for themselves and the organization
  • Curious – Does not fear taking on the unknown
  • Vocal – Freely shares ideas and opinions with others
  • Collaborative – Works well with peers and leadership team, valuing insights they provide
  • Accountable – Takes responsibility for own actions and mistakes
  • Thrives on Challenges – Does not back away from challenges and hard times, treating them as opportunities for growth instead
  • Calculated Risk Takers – Carefully examine situations before taking necessary risks and actions

Business Model and Practices

Business Model
and Practices




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March 30, 2017

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