Privacy vs. Security: Attribute Consumers Value More

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Two-thirds of U.S. consumers and business executives in IBM survey value security more than privacy in online interactions with companies in 2018

Privacy vs. Security: Attribute Consumers Value More

2018 (percentage of U.S. respondents)

Note: Data based on IBM's survey of 2,039 U.S. respondents, aged 18 above. Question: Which attribute of companies/organizations you interact with do you value more?

Proof Point Findings

  • Greater Focus on Security – 66% of U.S. consumers surveyed by IBM value security greater, keeping their private data from being accessed by hackers, with percentage higher among older adults aged 55 and above (71%) compared to younger cohorts
  • Restricted Data Use – 40% of business executives and 37% of those aged 18-54 do not want companies to use their data for purposes they did not agree to, greater than 34% for average U.S. respondent
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increasing volume and value of consumer data, growing number of data privacy breaches and cybersecurity-related incidences, and intensifying competition to provide personalized service and experience


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February 5, 2019

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