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Cumulative global solar PV installed capacity reached 404.5 GW in 2017, with largest share from China, according to Solar Power Europe

Cumulative Solar PV Installed Capacity by Country
2017 (gigawatts (GW) and percentage)

Proof Point Findings:
  • Solar PV Installed Capacity – Cumulatively global reached 404.5 GW in 2017, with highest share of 32% from China, according to SolarPower Europe
  • Other Leading Countries – United States with second largest share at 52 GW (13%), followed by Japan with 49 GW (12%) and Germany 44 GW (12%)
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include intensifying efforts from both developed and developing countries to shift to renewable energy sources, persisting climate change, and rapidly accelerating renewable energy technologies
Sector: Energy

Date Last Updated: February 5, 2019

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