Potential Impact of AI in U.S. Economy in 2035

Potential Impact of AI in U.S. Economy in 2035

Proof Point

Accenture expects potential impact of AI in U.S. economy in 2035 to reach $8.3 trillion, increasing gross value added (GVA) from $23.8 trillion to $32.1 trillion

Potential Impact of AI in U.S. Economy in 2035

2035F (US$ trillions)

Note: Accenture analysis focused on measuring GVA impact of AI, and does not include intangible factors, such as consumer convenience and time savings.

Proof Point Findings

  • Gross Value Added (GVA) – Close approximation of GDP to estimate future values
  • AI Boosting Economic Growth – Accenture forecasts AI technologies to increase U.S. GDP from base forecast of $23.8 trillion to $32.1 trillion in 2035
  • Economic Peak – Increase in GVA may boost annual economic growth from estimated 2.6% to 4.6%, potentially highest growth since 1980s
  • AI Benefits – Expected to create virtual workforce that performs actions currently delegated to humans with much higher efficiency, augment capabilities of humans to perform more critical responsibilities, and enable innovations in various economic sectors
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include exponentially advancing processing power, increasing industry demand for automation, intensifying competition in AI market, strengthening support for research and development of AI technologies, and increased adoption of AI applications


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Date Last Updated

July 4, 2017

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