How Organizations Source Capabilities and Talent Needed for AI Work Activities

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Building capabilities in-house found by McKinsey survey as top strategy used by most digitized companies to address needed talent and capabilities for AI activities in 2018

How Organizations Source Capabilities and Talent Needed for AI Work Activities

2018 (percentage)

Note: Data from McKinsey&Company survey of 293 most digitized companies and 1,347 other companies; “Don’t know” responses are not shown

Proof Point Findings

  • Most Digitized Companies – Respondents in McKinsey survey who say their companies have 51% or more average level of digitization (i.e. digital channels, products and services, and operations)
  • In-House Capability Development – Half of digitized companies surveyed build AI capabilities in-house to address needed AI-related employees and capabilities in 2018, with almost four in ten also retraining or upskilling internal talent
  • Talent Hiring – On the other hand, other companies mostly focus on hiring external talent to take on AI activities in 2018
  • Licensing Tech Solutions – Some companies across both groups also identified buying or licensing capabilities from large tech firms as another strategy being used to address talent needed to perform AI-related activities
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include accelerating sophistication of AI-based applications, increasing business adoption of AI technologies to improve processes, and growing demand to leverage customer and business data to become more competitive


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