South Korean startup SuperbAI, which supplies customized datasets for training artificial intelligence algorithms, expands to Silicon Valley, U.S.

March 14, 2019

  • AI Datasets – Y Combinator startup SuperbAI helps large technology companies to create customized datasets for training machine learning algorithms
  • AI-Based Tagging – Uses proprietary deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to label datasets 10 times faster
  • How It Works –Training data is split into components and then tagged automatically one at a time
  • Human Assistance – If task is too complex, humans assist in tagging until AI learns and takes over
  • Data Supplier – Can also find data sources for companies without data
  • Expansion – Company expanding to Silicon Valley, U.S. beyond home base in South Korea

Image Source: Superb AI

Image Source: Superb AI

Market Disruption: Global Competitors
Business Models and Practices: New Customer Segments , Data, Interfaces and Algorithms
Sector: Information Technology
Function: IT Infrastructure
Organization: Superb AI

Original Publication Date: February 25, 2019

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