New initiative, SpaceTime Enterprises, planning to launch satellites in space that will broadcast live and immersive videos of Earth for virtual and augmented reality applications

May 10, 2018

  • Earth in Virtual Reality – Immersive content studio Rewind and space company In-Space Missions announced new U.K.-based initiative, SpaceTime Enterprises, which aims to launch multiple satellites with cameras into space to broadcast live and immersive videos of Earth, viewable with virtual reality headsets
  • Timeline – First satellite with cameras scheduled to launch in 2019, with initiative aiming to provide views of places on Earth in real-time in three to four years
  • Augmented Reality – With launch of more satellites and increased database, augmented reality experiences can be created, overlaying information such as meteorological systems, atmospheric phenomenon, celestial bodies, and more
  • Sample Applications – Include monitoring plastics in oceans, and other business and science applications to be developed by SpaceTime Enterprises
  • Other Earth-Imaging Initiatives – Include San Francisco-based SpaceVR which just launched Overview 1 Satellite to International Space Station where it is waiting to be deployed, and U.K.-based Earth-i whose VividX2 test satellite was launched from India on January 12, 2018 providing colored videos of earth from space

Image Source: Pixabay


Image Source: Pixabay

Sector: Information Technology
Organizations: Rewind, In-Space Missions Ltd.

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