Clothing retailer Gap Inc. partnered with technology giant Microsoft to migrate applications and systems to cloud

November 26, 2018

  • Retail Digitization – Clothing brand Gap Inc. entered into multi-year strategic partnership deal with technology company Microsoft to accelerate digitization of retail environment and operations by migrating systems to cloud
  • Cloud Migration – Plans to migrate hundreds of applications to Microsoft’s cloud service Azure from 2018 onwards, starting with critical inventory, store, and site management systems
  • Understanding Customers – Will centralize company’s data on Microsoft Azure, allowing Gap to apply advanced analytics, data visualization, and machine learning to better understand and market to customer preferences
  • Work Collaboration – Adopting Microsoft 365 solutions to help employees collaborate across brands and channels, speeding up work and increasing efficiency

Image Source: Microsoft News Center

Image Source: Microsoft News Center

Market Disruption: Customized, On-Demand Offerings
Sectors: Information Technology, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Consumer Non-Durables
Organizations: Microsoft Corp., Gap Inc.

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