Artificial intelligence expert and former Google executive Kai-Fu Lee launched new AI training program for educators and students to boost supply of AI talent in China

April 13, 2018

  • AI Training Program – Artificial intelligence expert Kai-Fu Lee launched new annual program in China designed to train 100 professors from Chinese science and engineering schools on AI and machine learning teaching techniques
  • Kai-Fu Lee Background – Former executive at Silicon Graphics, Apple, Google and Microsoft, and founder of AI-focused investment firm Sinovation Ventures that invests in Chinese and U.S. AI companies
  • Student Development – As part of program, Lee and other AI experts will also train 300 top students in China on artificial intelligence
  • Supporters – Include Sinovation’s AI Institute, University of Peking, China’s Ministry of Education, and American AI experts, such as Cornell professor John Hopcroft and Google AI researcher Geoff Hinton
  • Intended Outcome – Aims to expand China’s labor pool of programmers with artificial intelligence experience and expertise
  • Aligned with Government Objectives – Program aligned with Chinese government’s Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, announced in July 2017, which seeks to boost nation’s economy, military and society with artificial intelligence technologies

Image Source: Pixabay

Artificial intelligence, robot

Image Source: Pixabay

Business Model and Practices: Smart, Creative People
Sectors: Education, Information Technology
Organization: Sinovation North America Inc.

Original Publication Date: April 5, 2018

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