U.S. Employers Offering Disease Management Programs

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More than half of U.S. employers in PwC study have disease management plans for their employees in 2018, with diabetes program as most offered

U.S. Employers Offering Disease Management Programs

2018 (percentage and percentage change from 2017)

Note: Data from PwC's 2018 Health & Well-Being Touchstone Survey of 900 employers across all employee base sizes from United States representing 37 industries last June 2018

Proof Point Findings

  • Disease Management Programs – Company-sponsored healthcare designed to improve health of employees with specific conditions to reduce health service use and costs from avoidable complications (e.g. emergency room visits)
  • Chronic Condition Management – Most employers offer disease management for diabetes (92%), cardiac (86%), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (85%), asthma (85%) and congestic heart failure (84%)
  • Mental Health Growth – Depression and mental health programs continued to have largest growth as non-physical well-being gain importance
  • Least Offered Programs – Though health plans for addiction (64%) and lower back pain (62%) were offered by less companies, more employees are interested in them than other health programs
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increasing return on employee health and well-being investment, growing preference for healthier lifestyle, and rising value for intangible work compensation and benefits (e.g. medical plans, unlimited sick days)

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March 22, 2019

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