Non-Employee Resources In Global Companies by 2020

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At least 35% of companies in Harvey Nash survey expect to increase non-employee resources by 2020, while more are anticipating to stay the same

Non-Employee Resources In Global Companies by 2020

2018 (percentage)

Note: Data from 2018 Harvey Nash HR Survey of 820 HR leaders across 32 countries

Proof Point Findings

  • Non-Employee Resources – Teams and departments which are outsourced to, performed or managed by external partners
  • Increased Outsourcing – More than three in ten companies surveyed by Harvey Nash anticipate increased hiring of non-employee workers, with highest for outsourced employment (35%)
  • No Hiring Change – At least 47% of companies expect to employ same amount of non-employee labor by 2020
  • Decreased Hiring – Some respondents believe their companies will decrease using non-employee labor by 2020, with highest decrease perceived to be for consultants (16%) and contractuals (15%)
  • Driving Factors – Study attributes hiring change to be driven by business flexibility to new challenge and opportunities, difficulty of accessing skills, especially in tech, and coming of age of flexible working conditions or freelance and gig economy

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