Team Within U.S. Companies Responsible to Implement And Govern AI

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Majority of U.S. companies have a dedicated capability or leader for implementation and governance of AI in 2019, according to PwC

Team Within U.S. Companies Responsible to Implement And Govern AI

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Note: Data based on PwC 2019 AI Predictions survey of 1,001 AI-savvy executives in United States

Proof Point Findings

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Software technologies autonomously performing tasks equal to or better than humans
  • AI Responsibility – More than 70% of U.S. companies surveyed by PwC will have a dedicated team to implement and govern AI technologies in 2019
  • Dedicated Teams – Include AI center of excellence (24%), data and analytics (19%), enterprise-wide AI leader (15%) and automation group (14%)
  • Decentralized Functions – 13% of respondents said governance and implementation of AI will be given to already formed business units and functions
  • Outsourcing Roles – 11% of surveyed will give responsibility to outside providers
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include accelerating sophistication of AI-based applications, increasing business adoption of AI technologies to improve processes and growing demand to leverage customer and business data to become more competitive


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