Mobile Webrooming of Online Population in Selected Countries

Proof Point

Sweden, U.S., Italy and U.K. have largest segments of online population who have tried mobile webrooming at least once in 2017

Mobile Webrooming of Online Population in Selected Countries

2017 (percentage of population)

Note: Data based on Deloitte's 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey of age 18-75 respondents 1,826 from U.S., 3,794 from U.K., 1,897 from Sweden, 1,913 from Italy, 1,899 from Australia, 1,642 from Japan, and 1,894 from Germany

Proof Point Findings

  • Mobile Webrooming – Mobile phone use to browse shopping websites or apps to do research before completing transaction either in brick and mortar store or online
  • General Global Trend – Most of profiled countries with more than 70% of online population who have at least tried mobile webrooming once in 2017, with Sweden leading trend (74%), followed by U.S. (71%) and Italy (50%)
  • Most Frequent Users – Italy (16%), U.S. (11%), Australia (8%), and U.K. (8%) top countries with daily users of mobile webrooming
  • Key Drivers – Include increasing connectivity, expanding presence of companies online, growing consumer demand for information before making purchase decisions, and heightening consumer dependence on web- and app-based platforms


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Date Last Updated

July 6, 2018

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