Walmart partners with self-driving company Nuro to test autonomous grocery deliveries to select customers in Houston, Texas

December 12, 2019

  • Grocery Deliveries – Walmart and Nuro are collaborating to deliver groceries to select customers in Houston, Texas using self-driving vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Service will utilize R2, custom-built vehicle carrying products only with no driver or passengers, as well as self-driving Toyota Priuses
  • Partnership Benefits – Include improved operations, plus affordable and accessible delivery options to customers and Houston community
  • Supported Products – Include fresh produce, meat, seafood and bakery items, along with pantry staples, consumables and select general merchandise
  • Availability – Customers can benefit from service by opting in to program, with plans to expand to general public by late 2020

Image Source: Nuro

Image Source: Nuro

Market Disruption: Next-Generation Logistics
Business Model and Practices: Evolved Distribution Channels
Sectors: Information Technology, Transportation and Logistics, Wholesale and Retail Trade
Functions: Customer Experience and Service, Research and Development, Sales and Distribution Channels
Organizations: Nuro Inc., Walmart Stores Inc.

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