Global NGOs Accepting Online Donations and Accepted Payment Methods

Proof Point

2018 Global NGO Tech Report found that more than 70% of NGOs worldwide leverage online channels to accept donations, with credit card payment most used method

Global NGOs Accepting Online Donations and Accepted Payment Methods

2017 (percentage)

Note: Data from 2018 Global NGO Technology Report, sponsored by Public Interest Registry and researched by Nonprofit Tech for Good, which surveyed 5,352 NGOs across 164 countries

Proof Point Findings

  • Online Donations – 72% of respondents in 2018 Global NGO Tech Report accept online donations through their website
  • Common Payment Methods – Credit card identified as most used payment method, with 80% of NGOs using it for online fundraising initiatives, followed by Paypal (47%) and direct debit (40%)
  • Advancing Payment Technology – Though lagging behind conventional online payment methods, some NGOs already accept donations through digital wallets and Bitcoin
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include continued growing trend of raising funds through online channels, increasing social awareness, and proliferation of NGOs using digital tools to advocate cause

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June 12, 2018

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