Average and Median Monthly Income per Sharing Economy Worker

Proof Point

Airbnb hosts earn $924 on average per month, significantly higher than amount earned by other sharing economy workers, according to loan company Earnest

Average and Median Monthly Income per Sharing Economy Worker

2017 (US$)

Note: Data based on tens of thousands of Earnest loan applicants. Earnest is technology-enabled lender based in California, U.S.

Proof Point Findings

  • Significant Airbnb Lead – Airbnb hosts earn highest average income of $924 per month, almost three times more than next company TaskRabbit with $380 and triple the amount earned by sharing economy worker on average at $299
  • Ridesharing Service Comparability – Lyft and Uber drivers receive almost similar average monthly incomes of $377 and $364 respectively
  • Below Average Earners – Delivery startups Doordash and Postmates, shopping app Etsy, freelancing company Fiverr, and car rental Getaround bring in lower than average monthly incomes per sharing economy worker at $90-$230 per month
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include shifting preference from office-based jobs to flexible employment setups, increasing demand for more efficient use of underutilized assets, and continuing trend of consumers valuing accessing products and services rather than owning them


Market Disruption


Accommodation and Travel, Transportation and Logistics, Wholesale and Retail Trade


Date Last Updated

August 2, 2018

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