3D Printing Techniques and Filaments

3D Printing Techniques and Filaments

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Additive manufacturing prints 3D objects using wide variety of techniques and filaments, depending on purpose

3D Printing Techniques and Filaments

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Printing Techniques

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) – Heats filament deposited layer by layer through extrusion head, commonly used for rapid prototyping and product development
  • Stereolithography (SLA) – Uses UV laser beam to solidify liquid resin filament, utilized in creating smooth surface objects
  • Binder Jetting (BJ) – Binds powdered material together using binding agent, creating full-color architectural models and sculptures
  • Material Jetting (MJ) – Layers liquid photopolymer onto build tray and then cured by UV light, used for rapid tooling, prototyping, and designing jewelry
  • Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) – Uses either laser or electron beam to melt and fuse material powder together
  • Sheet Lamination – Fuses together adhesive-coated material with heat or pressure, and shapes object with laser or knife for low-cost and fast printing of large objects
  • Direct Energy Deposition – Deposits melted material via laser or electron beam onto surface, where it solidifies


  • Thermoplastic – Most common material used in 3D printing, such as PLA, ABSand Nylon, ideal for inexpensive prototypes
  • Prototypes, automotive parts, and consumer products
  • Resin – Shatter resistant alternative to glass, commonly used for intricate designs and sculptures
  • Jewelry, art, and sculptures
  • Gypsum – Rigid and delicate powder, also called sandstone, available in multiple colors
  • Figurines, life-like models, avatars, architectural models, memorabilia, and complex models
  • Metal – Laser sintered metal powder, available in aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and cobalt chromium
  • Structural components, mechanical parts, jewelry, and hardware
  • Ceramic – High strength hard material with high temperature resistance, first 3D printed then glazed
  • Home decors and tableware



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October 29, 2017

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